The Game Token: Nexium

Beyond the Void is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena with real time strategic game elements that is scheduled to be released in September 2017.

In a one-versus-one battle against another player, your are in control of one Mothership, among the most powerful warships in the universe. You can customize your Mothership with Skills, and can shape the map with Event cards.

This interview with Manon Burgel, she is taking care of all of the project communication at Beyond the Void, was conducted and condensed by Popular Bitcoin.

1. When was the first time you heard about Bitcoin?

Eric, our CEO, first heard about Bitcoin in 2011. At the time, he didn’t pay much attention to it. Later, in 2013, when Mtgox went into bankruptcy, he joined a Meetup group in Geneva.

He began to study Bitcoin. He was very impressed by the Blockchain technology.
He immediately decided to invest some money into Bitcoin and several other alt-currencies.

In 2016, when Maxence, our lead developer, showed Eric his previous Unity project, they decided to use a Blockchain as the basis for the game’s economy. That’s when Rémi, our game designer and Blockchain developer, joined the team and began coding the Ethereum smart contracts for our game token and shop.

2. What did you think about when you started to learn more about the world of crypto-currency?

We realized that the Blockchain is a very powerful tool, ideally suited to the digital goods market found in video games. Ethereum smart contracts allowed us to create our token and shop. The trust created by this decentralized system is incredibly valuable to us and our players.

3. When did you come up with the idea of creating your own currency?

In 2016, when we began to think about the Blockchain-based economy that would support the project, we decided to create our own crypto-token.

We wanted to peg the value of our Nexium token to the quality of our game, not directly to Ethereum. That also goes for our idea of creating an entire ecosystem of video games that use the blockchain with the Nexium as their in-game currency.

4. What is a Nexium now, and what were they before?

Nexiums are ERC-20 compatible Ethereum tokens. We created 100 Million of them using this Ethereum smart contract:

We held an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in November 2016 and sold around 31 million Nexiums. We kept 15 Million for the company, distributed 15 Million between the four founders, and burnt the unsold supply left over.

Now, there are 66,521,587 NXC total supply.

5. What are the main characteristics of the Nexium?

On Ethereum blockchain
ERC_20 compliant token
Can’t be mined
Half of the NXC we receive is burnt when we sell a newly created item in our shop.

6. How do I get a Nexium wallet?

There is no dedicated Nexium wallets at this time, though we might have one in the future. Nexiums are Ethereum-based tokens, so you can use any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. We often recommend using MyEtherWallet.

7. How could I buy a Nexium?

Nexiums are available for exchange on Poloniex, Bittrex, Openledger and Etherdelta.

8. Is it safe to use Nexium?

Like any crypto-currency or crypto-token, it is safe to use Nexiums as long as you keep your private key secure and your wallet is not compromised.

As of today, we haven’t had any issues with token transfers and payments.

9. Where do you see the Nexium in 5 years?

We plan on creating an entire video gaming ecosystem using Nexiums as their in-game currency. We’re going to give players all over the world a trustworthy exchange and true ownership of their game assets, something we think everyone wants.

The Blockchain allows us to create cross-gaming assets, usable in several games with different implementations and effects, another feature we think players will find valuable.

We hope that in 5 years this ecosystem will be strong and working well.

10. Use one word to describe your Team.


11. Could you introduce yourself and your team?


We are a core team of four, all related family members, and passionate about video games. We created B2Expand to develop and market video games. We want to bring Blockchain technology and its advantages to mainstream gamers. The greater team is composed of about 15 people, both freelancers and employees.

More details here:

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