7 reasons Golem (GNT) is a buy

Golem Token‘s back at $0.66 a share which, as usual, brings out voices of those expressing concerns about the viability of Golem Project as a growth-focused company. I believe Golem remains a quality growth name for portfolio strategies (not a value trap).

There are seven reasons why GNT is still a worthwhile portfolio holding:

1. Monthly Project Update. Developers update the Brass firmware on a monthly basis, adding additional functions and correcting various errors. Follow the process you can on Github. Since there is a limited supply of tokens for accessing this network, and the Brass realise will cooming soon (end of June 2017) more people want to use Golem then the value of GNT increases.

2. The Road to Brass. Yes, despite concerns expressed by other analysts and prognosticators, PopularBitcoin still believe Golem Brass will drive significant profits for Golem Network. I would expect the numbers over the course of the next several quarters to be very hot. More and more enthusiasts are interesting in a decentralized distributed computing grid, this mean the bullish trend will continue.


3. Product launches are just beginning in new categories. I’ll admit, I really don’t use the pre-Brass software but perhaps the next version will be more useful. In a meeting today, I discussed this product with an investor who see the utility or need for an Golem. This is one product category (supercomputer) that absolutely needs to be updated and made more relevant for end users. I’m more optimistic about the ecosystem that is developing around that product.

4. Margins of 2000 percent. Two thousand percent is an incredible margin in a competitive business like crypto technology. Golem is incredibly profitable. ICO started at 1000 sat.

5. Rumors. Golem is designed as a company to take advantage of potential new opportunities and seed long-term projects. The rumored CoinBase is planning to add Golem.

6. Demand for Computing Resources. In order to reward providers for contributing their resources, Golem needs to attract requestors seeking additional computing resources. The market Golem creates will be highly competitive due to nearly complete information, and the ease of deploying tasks on any hardware. This will not only make using Golem simple, which will attract requestors – highly competitive setup will also increase efficiency of the market, very likely resulting in much more comprehensive and advantageous pricing compared to the existing cloud computing platforms. Distributed computing systems can also operate more efficiently than their centralised counterparts because they harness computing resources from across the network that would otherwise be wasted.

7.  Golem Trend Momentum: Bullish. Investors are happy due to continuation of bullish trend in altcoin markets. Active Investors often continue a close observation on any altcoin volume. Volume is extremely important point of concern in technical analysis while price is the primary point of concern in technical analysis. Volume is simply the number of contracts that trade over a given period of time, usually a day. The higher the volume, the more active is the stock.

Lets face it, Golem Network is a token and people would want own it because they know the developers are working hard on the project. Look at the company as a reasonable growth opportunity.

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