PascalCoin Version 2

PascalCoin is a next-generation cryptocurrency that pioneers a new tier of scalability comparable to the VISA network. PascalCoin paves the path towards “Infinite Scalability​“ and a new form of decentralised application coined “Monetized API’s”​. Version 2 of Pascal Coin addresses shortcomings in Version 1’s account distribution model and delivers the key feature of Checkpointing​ (among other improvements). The addition of Checkpointing into PascalCoin now delivers the promise of true ​”Deletable Blockchains​“.​

The blockchain in Pascal Coin V2 is now permanently deletable from the Network itself​ without affecting Proof-of-Work validation for new nodes. This means new nodes can join the network without the need to download the infinite history of blocks. Instead, they download the latest Checkpoint​ and a few dozen latest blocks in order to fully synchronize with the provably most-work-chain. This paves the path towards, what this paper coins, “Infinite Scaling”​. Continue reading “PascalCoin Version 2”

10 Facts About SAFE Network and MaidSafeCoin

The SAFE Network is a secure data storage and communication platform, owned by users then no government or companies will be able to control it. Instead of relying on servers that are operated by companies and can be shut down or censored, so anyone can join by installing the SAFE software and creating an account, apps or develop a website. No personal information is shared with the network. Continue reading “10 Facts About SAFE Network and MaidSafeCoin”

The Game Token: Nexium

Beyond the Void is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena with real time strategic game elements that is scheduled to be released in September 2017.

In a one-versus-one battle against another player, your are in control of one Mothership, among the most powerful warships in the universe. You can customize your Mothership with Skills, and can shape the map with Event cards. Continue reading “The Game Token: Nexium”